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Shane-Michael Vidaurri: Vocals, Guitar/Slide Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Clarinet, Banjo & Drums. Thomas Hanslowe: Violin, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Tuba & Cello. Alec Hanslowe: Trombone, Mandolin, Piano & Vocals. Alan Rigoletto: Guitar. Vic Ruggiero: Vocals, Guitar, Organ.
Kevin Farrell: Guitar.

Buy The Ashes - Sing! on iTunes. First Released: January 31, 2012.

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The Ashes Sing!
01. I Will Stay Lonely (Shane) 02. A Well Known Drag (Shane) 03. Devil [with Vic Ruggiero] (Shane) 04. Into The Sun (Shane) 05. What Could We Ever Say? (Shane) 06. Fly Away (Tom) 07. Talk Like They Talk On T.V. (Shane) 08. My Life (Shane) 09. Her Blue Eyes (Shane) 10. Please Don't Take Me (Shane) 11. Leaving Port (Alec) 12. Shanes Blues (Shane) 13. Danger In The Water (Shane) 14. Photographs (Shane) 15. One Time I Went To A Party (Alec)

Download The Ashes Play The Songs Of Vic Ruggiero for free.
First Released December 15, 2011

The Ashes Play The Songs Of Vic Ruggiero
01. Vacant Stare 02. When I Find A Place Where I Belong 03. Don't Forget The Streets 04. If This Night 05. Sleepy And Sad 06. Stars 07. Rider 08. Because 09. Don't Wanna Go
All songs written by Vic Ruggiero, Arr. by Shane-Michael Vidaurri

Buy The Ashes - Photoplay Music on iTunes. First Released: October 5, 2010.

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Photoplay Music
01. Wash Us Away (Shane) 02. Marigold (Shane) 03. Things Fall Apart (Shane) 04. Many Years Ago (Kevin/Shane) 05. Stone (Kevin/Shane) 06. I'm Lost (Shane) 07. So Gently (Shane) 08. Philadelphia Blues (Shane) 09. Cold (Shane) 10. Will You Miss Me (Trad.) 11. You're Gonna Be Fine (Shane) 12. Some Stones (Alec) 13. These Things Start (Shane) 14. Dried Up (Shane) 15. More To Lose (Shane) 16. Photoplay Music (Shane/Alec)

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